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In Loving Memory Of

Travis Henry
11-28-1984 to 8-31-2010

Travis was a good man with a big heart, his personality earned him a wealth of friends. So many people have been devastated by Travis' passing--his friends and all his family (parents, brothers, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially his nieces and nephew. Travis tried to use heroin recreationally. Of course, that seldom works. He sought help twice on his own. He hated what he let this drug do to him. He was clean for over three months when he succumbed to the temptation that all recovering addicts will carry with them until the end. In the early morning hours of August 28, 2010, Travis took heroin for the last time. He is deeply loved and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Travis.

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