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  1. 1) Why did Jude begin using drugs? What were some of the things going on in his life that contributed to his choice to smoke marijuana the first time?


  1. 2) Is there anything Jude could have done to avoid using drugs the first time?


  1. 3) Is there anything anyone could have done to help Jude avoid turning to drugs?


  1. 4) Why could not Jude simply stop using anywhere along his journey?


  1. 5) Did Jude’s parents do enough to prevent his downfall? Did others around him do enough to help?


  1. 6) Why do you think Jude found it so hard to resist the pressure to use drugs?


  1. 7) Jude struggles constantly with a deep need to fit in. He describes himself as being very lonely and vulnerable at one point. Do you believe there is something that Jude is struggling with mentally, or simply emotionally?


  1. 8) Do you think Jude's decision to begin Methadone treatment was a smart decision? Did it help in any way?


  1. 9) If Jude had not been arrested in Virginia and forced to detox in jail, do you believe he would have found sobriety? What do you think was the dominant factor in persuading Jude to change?


  1. 10) Aside from being self-destructive, what other qualities do you believe fueled Jude's cycle to continue using heroin?

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