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In Loving Memory Of

Joe "Tigger" Divers
R.I.P. 8-31-2009

Joe was an amazing son, and friend to everyone who knew him. He was a boyfriend with unconditional love for his girlfriend of many years. He was my brother, an uncle to my daughter, and the father to a daughter he sadly only got to spend a week of her life with due to his passing on August 31, 2009. Heroin, and a very bad choice of company took the life of Joe "Tigger" Divers. His daughter, without even knowing it, is every bit her father's daughter, from her smile to her laugh and her relaxed way of life. She even dances like him, and I can see Joe in her eyes. Joe, you are missed every day, but thank you for leaving us such a big part of you. I know that you are watching over us every day.


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