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In Loving Memory Of

Ryan Michael Morris (a.k.a Dankskii)
12-17-1976 to 3-5-2010

Ryan was one of the kindest souls that many of us had ever met.  No matter how much time had passed or how many miles were in between, when you saw Ryan again it was like you had never been apart. He was a best friend to many and left behind two beautiful sisters, a mother, a father, and a girlfriend who loved him dearly. His main love and passion was for electronic music. He had been a DJ for years and was not only very well known in the electronic music scene in St. Louis but also traveled all over the country to share his love for trance music. He loved the outdoors. Unfortunately for us, he sought escape through the use of opiates. He struggled with his addiction for a long time. It's such a shame that he had to leave us so soon. RIP Ryan AKA Dankskii

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