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In Loving Memory Of

Lauren Whittenberg
1-19-1989 to 11-23-2009

Lauren Whittenberg was my little bit. What she lacked in size, she made up for with her brilliant mind. Lauren was a talented, honest, and inspiring young woman who always dared to defy the boundaries. The world lost Lauren to heroin two years ago and I cannot stress just how much we lost. I am convinced that Lauren traded her soul for her wit. She was creative, unique, clever, and quirky. Her sense of humor was bizarre and beautiful and even though some of her pranks would test my patients, I had to laugh with her. Lauren taught me to embrace my flaws when so many others tried to fix me. She taught me that I don't have flaws, I have quirks. I lost touch with, no, I distanced myself from Lauren when she started using heroin. It is my second biggest regret in life, because I will always wonder if I could have helped her. My biggest regret is that I have to use the past tense when I talk about her.
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