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In Loving Memory Of

Michael Alexander Long
R.I.P. 2-2-2010

Your battle with addiction was long and hard, and our relationship had its ups and downs. You left behind two little boys, and I know you were doing everything in your power to stay clean for them. You were off of heroin for two years because of me. You stole from me for your addiction, and because I loved you, I put my foot down and called the cops and they locked you up. You stayed clean the whole time, and when you got out you thanked me, in tears you thanked me and told Will and I how much you loved both of us because no matter what, we always stood up for you. You, Will, and I spent four days together catching up when you got clean, and then you borrowed money from us, hugged us goodbye, and said to call you on Sunday. We did! No one could find you. You were found on Tuesday and you were gone. God bless your mother she found you in your home. YOU HAD SO MUCH TALENT AND I WISH YOU WOULD OF STAYED STRONG AND I WISH I NEVER WOULD OF LET YOU BORROW THAT $30. WE MISS YOU AND WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE!

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