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In Loving Memory Of

​Louie Miceli
Louie was overly passionate about many things; sports, community, justice, and GIRLS. He was a classic Italian boy. He felt the need to protect the ones he loved. He would take on any threat, forgetting his own personal capacity to defend the people he cared about. As he grew older, he loved his high school years. He seemed to be 'typical' when it came to socializing with his State Championship football team. He drank at parties, smoked marijuana on the weekends, and he was always looking to have fun. As Louie’s drug use progressed, he soon started using opiate pills and then heroin. What seemed to be “normal partying” turned into a full-blown addiction--quickly. It turned him from an outgoing, strong-willed, happy boy into the opposite. On August 7, 2012, at the age of 24, Louie overdosed on heroin. Forty days after his death, his family established the LTM Heroin Awareness and Support Foundation to honor Louie's life by protecting his community from the Heroin epidemic in the Chicago suburbs.
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