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In Loving Memory Of

Amy Marie Brown

Amy was a beautiful person inside and out. She lost her father tragically at a very young age. She was put into foster care and it was not the best living situation for her. She battled addiction most of her life. She has one son, who she loved more than she knew she was capable of loving anything. She enjoyed reading, live music and learning anything about anything. Despite her lifestyle, she was a health nut--always pushing chicken instead of beef, veggies instead of junk food. She managed to get into a sober living apartment complex and was clean between 2005-2008. In 2008, she went to court to regain custody of her son, and when it didn't go her way, she coped the only way she knew how to deal with pain that strong. She was found overdosed on heroin 3 months later on Christmas morning. Her two brothers and her mother miss her dearly. The loss her son feels is unexplainable. We miss her every day, and make sure that he knows just how much she loved him.

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